The following has been decided and agreed: the lessor rents the premises and equipment, hereinafter designated, to the tenant who accepts them under the following conditions.

1 ° - Reservation conditions and number of occupants of the property for rent

Booking methods are the subject of a separate document.

Tourist accommodation or seasonal rentals are for a determined number per accommodation. The authorized number will depend on each accommodation. The number of people is determined in each vacation rental or furnished rental contract. Beyond the authorized number, the express prior agreement with the owner will be required with the possibility of an additional amount of rent per person. In principle, exceeding the number of occupants provided for in the contract is not allowed. Failure to comply with the details of the occupants provided for on the request results in the termination of the contract and the immediate eviction of the accommodation, without compensation, the payments remaining fully acquired by the owner as compensation.

2 ° - Effective date and cancellation of the reservation

  • Payment by internet via secure bank card:

Once the reservation dates have been chosen and payment made by bank card secured on our site, you will receive a confirmation email or a text message confirming your reservation indicating the dates reserved for your stay. An invoice will be established at the address that you have communicated to us.

  • Payment by check :

By sending the signed request accompanied by the booking check, the tenant acknowledges having read the general conditions, booking procedures and the supplement to the tariff for the year in question and accepts the terms without reservation.

The reservation is only valid when we have confirmed the reservation to you. An invoice will be established at the address that you have communicated to us.

The tenant must send us as quickly as possible and at least 90 days before the scheduled date of arrival:

  • A copy of the book of vaccinations of animals accepted according to the accommodation offered.
  • The balance of the rent and the deposit check determined by the accommodation as well as 2 copies of the contract and the inventory.

The reservation check is cashable on the date provided in the booking confirmation, but the check becomes immediately cashable in case of cancellation by the tenant for any reason whatsoever, the balance to be paid no later than the day scheduled for 'arrival.

We advise tenants to take out cancellation insurance. The rentals cannot be canceled by the tenant, whatever the cause and we invite you to take out cancellation insurance. The lessor can cancel the rental without refund in the event of total or partial non-payment. He can also cancel the rental in case of unavailability of the rental or in the event of sale. Cancellation in these latter cases entails reimbursement of the sums received without any other compensation unless the owner and the tenant decide to continue the contract. If the tenant does not show up on the day mentioned in the contract at the latest “time specified in your contract”, this contract is considered terminated by the tenant and the apartment can immediately be re-let without any compensation for the tenant. The entire rent being due despite the absence of the tenant, the latter undertakes to pay the additional amount upon simple request from the owner. If the latter is forced to ask for this rent in court, a non-reducible flat-rate compensation of 2,000 euros will be due to the owner in addition to the balance, as a penal clause, in addition to the legal costs and the compensation requested in respect of article 700 of the CPC. The entire rent remains with the owner in the event of an early departure for whatever reason, and even if the departure is required by the owner following the non-compliance with the rental conditions by the tenant or one of his followers.

Important: following the change in the validity of checks, reservation checks must be dated no more than 3 months before the date of entry into your accommodation. In order to be able to benefit from one of our rentals, it is advisable to respect the general conditions indicated below.

3 ° - Price and options

The prices indicated are according to the accommodation for a determined number of occupants and are "all inclusive"

(1) except booking fees

(2) and chosen kits

(3) remaining optional.

Rentals are made to a single tenant or a couple, the other people being their guests. Rentals are firm, non-transferable and indivisible. A deposit of 30% is payable on booking if payment by check. Any additional person increases the price according to the accommodation and the period for a complete stay or per night unless derogation by express and prior agreement of the owner.

  • All inclusive includes tourist tax, wifi, water (6m3 package) and electricity (300 KWh of electricity from 01/05 to 31/10 and 600 KWh from 01/11 to 30/04) . Additional water and electricity is billed at the current rate for the current year.
  • Taxes and duties: the prices are calculated according to the taxes in force on 01/01/2017 and are considered to be excluding tax, tax increases and new taxes being added to the price indicated, which the tenant accepts by l 'sending the reservation request (currently, the legislation does not provide for VAT).
  • Free: Free WIFI in each apartment. Small pets are free with our agreement on the confirmation of request.
  • Tariff of administration fees, kits and cleaning fees

Booking fees if payment: 25 € payable upon booking, non-refundable whatever the cause of the cancellation.

Organic cleaning product kit: see the current price according to the current year. The contents of the kit are visible on our website.

Bedding kit and bed made on arrival: see the current price according to the current year. The contents of the kit are visible on our website.

Bathroom kit: see the current price according to the current year. The contents of the kit are visible on our website.

If the rented linen is returned stained, an additional stain removal of 20 € will be requested at the exit per stained element.

End-of-stay cleaning service kit: see the rate in force according to the current year. If you do not wish to do the complete cleaning at the end of your stay (including windows, windows, shutters, garden furniture, etc., the apartment must be left completely clean, ready to re-let immediately), you can request the “End-of-rental cleaning service” which will be invoiced to you according to the amount in force for the current year. In this case, the apartment is left "normally clean", the kitchen, the household appliances and the bathroom being excluded from the cleaning service and must in all cases be made fully cleaned

Please note: if the apartment is not "completely clean" or "normally clean" (if cleaning service), cleaning will be billed at the current rate for the current year, with a minimum retained on the deposit unless direct payment from you. We strongly recommend the cleaning service. The cleaning service is compulsory in the event of early departure.

4 ° - Balance of rental, options

Upon arrival, the tenant must pay the lessor

  • the balance of the rental including the options chosen including the "end of rental cleaning"
  • a deposit check of 800 euros, which will be returned to the tenant within one month of his departure unless damage or shortages are noted during the outing or any amount remains due from the tenant, including water supplements and of electricity in the event of excess or a household supplement if the rules concerning the household are not respected.

 5 ° - Date and time of arrival, contradictory inventory, signature of the rental contract for tourist accommodation or seasonal rental

Arrivals are indicated in your reservation or contract including if you have requested a "special arrival"

On arrival, the tenant will visit the rental with the owner or his representative, and they will sign in two copies a document retracing the inventory, as well as the final rental contract. These two documents are available on request by email.

If the tenant refuses to sign the inventory and the contract, he cannot come into possession of the rental. The owner or his representative keeps the deposit paid and the tenant must pay the balance of the rental. No compensation is due to the tenant.

The lessor gives 1 bunch of keys with, depending on the accommodation, an access code for the digital code, a pass, a remote control in other accommodation. In case of loss of keys by the tenant a lump sum of 75 euros is due by the tenant.

 6 ° - Special arrival

If it is impossible to arrive on the days and times indicated above, you must indicate to the owner or his representative at least 90 days before the scheduled date of arrival the "special arrival" option, which allows you to arrive the day and at the time that suits you after the normal deadline for arrival fixed according to the availability of entries and exits from the accommodation. We will then send you by email two copies of the contract and the inventory, and these two documents must be returned to us by post within 15 days, accompanied by the check for payment of the balance and the deposit check. Upon receipt, we will send you the residence entry codes. We will send you the mailbox key allowing access to your keys as well as the necessary instructions. You will find on the table of your accommodation a copy of the contract and the inventory / inventory completed and signed by us. You will have to notify us, at the latest within 24 hours, of the differences that you have observed in relation to the inventory / inventory of fixtures that you found on your arrival. After this period, no dispute will be possible. The special arrival does not in any way extend your stay and does not change your departure date, which remains that provided in the reservation request.

7 ° - Special departure 

If you wish to leave before the normal departure time (between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on the departure day provided for in the contract), you must in this case:

  • leave the apartment normally clean (and fully clean the kitchen, the bathroom)
  • obligatorily pay the service
  • place the keychain in the mailbox dedicated to accommodation.

The inventory and the meter readings which will be made by the owner or his representative alone after your departure will be deemed contradictory. The deposit check will be returned within 60 days unless there is a problem. In this case, we will contact you shortly to resolve the problem.

8 ° - In the case of accommodation in a residence - compliance with the usual living conditions in a residence

The private areas of the premises are non-smoking, and smoking is not permitted inside the accommodation. We ask tenants to respect this prohibition, for the well-being of other tenants, many of whom have respiratory problems. Failure to comply with this clause results in the withholding of the deposit for smoke extraction.

The rental is made exclusively for seasonal accommodation or rental of tourist accommodation and for the precise duration provided for on the reservation request. This rental excludes any professional, commercial or craft activity of any kind, even temporarily.

The tenant agrees to use the premises as a careful and diligent administrator would do and to keep them in good condition, as well as the furniture, objects, electrical equipment, walls, tiles, glazing, box springs and mattresses and bed in general, etc. . … It is the same for common materials. Any damage caused to equipment or furniture will give rise to compensation from the tenant who commits to it. In such a case, the costs payable by the tenant will be deducted from the deposit, and if this deposit proves to be insufficient and the tenant is unable to pay the amount due on the hour, the renter will be entitled to request guarantees, which the tenant expressly declares to accept when signing the contract. The tenant expressly refrains from opposing the deposit check given to the bank by the owner, any contravention of this provision giving rise to damages for the benefit of the owner of € 2,000 as a penal clause which cannot be reduced or canceled even in court , in addition to the sanctions provided for by the Monetary and Financial Code article L 131-35. In the absence of guarantees, the lessor may immediately terminate the contract, without compensation for the tenant, who undertakes to vacate the premises on first request and to reimburse the amount missing to the owner within one month of his departure from the contract or anticipated.

There is one parking space, one and only one for each apartment. The place is numbered according to the accommodation.

Pets are allowed on agreement of the lessor, and provided that they have correctly filled in the requested information concerning the animals and sent to the lessor at least 30 days before the date of arrival a copy of the animal's passport stating that the vaccinations are up to date, accompanied by his photo. The owner of the animal agrees to collect all the droppings in both the private and common areas, never let his animal wander in other rentals and avoid leaving his animal alone in the residence. The tenant must not disturb the peace of mind of the other tenants, either by their attitude or by noise, especially between 9 a.m. and 8 a.m. This applies to all persons accompanying the tenant. The tenant should not cut flowers from the garden, dirty the common areas or garden furniture made available to tenants. After each use, the tenant must clean the garden furniture used. Depending on the rentals, a barbecue is available free of charge to tenants. Its use should not interfere with the neighborhood, the barbecue must be kept clean between two uses and returned to the living room after having allowed it to cool.

 9 ° - Report any problem to the owner or his representative

The tenant agrees to notify the owner or his representative by telephone of any problem encountered, by calling between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, except in emergencies. They will try together to resolve the problem in a non-contentious manner.

10 ° - Be present and ready for the exit inventory and make the accommodation clean

The tenant must be present on the day scheduled for the outing on the reservation request, necessarily between 9h and 9.30am unless expressly agreed otherwise. The premises must be left in an excellent state of cleanliness, the kitchen and the bathroom being in all cases to be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned, inside and above the cupboards included as well as the appliances included in the kitchen, the rest must be also made very clean as a whole and including the picture window, the windows, the shutters, the banister, the doors, the terrace and its furniture, etc.

Furniture and equipment will be returned in the same condition as when entering the premises. The apartment must be rentable immediately and any lack of cleanliness will be subject to a deduction from the deposit at the rate of € 30 per hour of cleaning, with a minimum package of 150 euros, the rental not including any service housework. We strongly advise to take a cleaning service, which relieves you of a good part of a thorough cleaning (except kitchen and bathroom), the apartment having to be left in this case "normally" clean (therefore, without cleaning the picture window, the windows, the shutters, the banister, the doors, the terrace and its furniture, etc. which is compulsory if the cleaning service is not chosen). Any lack, breakage, soiling, stop of operation or abnormal operation must be reported to the owner or his representative by the tenant, who will make mention of it on his inventory of fixtures, mention carried over to that of the owner, before the scheduled time for the inventory. These exit inventories will thus be carried out in a contradictory manner between the parties and will be authentic unless proven otherwise. The owner or his representative will indicate his own details, and the parties will agree on the responsibilities and extent of the disorders and the valuation of the repairs. In case of agreement, the parties will sign the inventory of fixtures with exit if necessary the terms of their agreement and the solution chosen. The litigation will be considered settled, except special reservation issued by one of the parties. Regarding the kitchen, large household appliances (oven, ceramic hob, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer, microwave), fans, air conditioners and barbecue, these places and appliances must be returned clean and any malfunction reported on the condition by the tenant. If a failure occurs, the repair is subject to the intervention time of the suppliers, and our responsibility cannot be engaged nor any compensation due in the event of lasting failure of one or more elements. During the departure inventory, a reading of the meters will be made and the tenant agrees to pay the supplements due in case of exceeding the planned ceilings for water and electricity. Otherwise, the owner may cash the deposit check and withhold the amounts due from the amount of the deposit.

11 ° - Election of domicile and competent jurisdiction

For the execution of the present and their consequences, the signatory parties elect domicile in the rented premises and expressly gives jurisdiction, in the event of a dispute, to the civil courts of the judicial district of the place of the rented accommodation where the premises are located. of the rental contract.

12 ° - Validity date and scope of the general conditions

These general conditions are updated periodically and applicable for all contracts with an arrival date later than the date of update of the general conditions. Furnished tourist rentals are only seasonal and cannot constitute the main residence of the tenant.


The owner of vacation rental or furnished accommodation reserves the right to modify these general conditions of use at any time.
Last modification on August 01 2018.